Leadership of the Department


Position and Personal Information

Division of Work

Yao Yisheng

Secretary of CPC Committee and Deputy Director-general.
Yao?Yisheng was born in?July 1965 in Shantou,?Guangdong Province. He has a master degree of Provincial Party School . took the position of Secretary of CPC Committee in January, 2017.

In charge of the CPC Committee.  

Lu XiuLu

The chief of the Guangdong Environment Protection Department.
Lu XiuLu was born in Honghu,Hubei Province.He has a doctor degree.
He has been in the current position since January 2016.

In charge of the administration  affairs of the department.

Li Hui

Member of CPC Committee and Deputy Director-general
Li Hui was born in December, 1959 in Nanchang, Jiangxi. He has a Bachelor degree. He took the current position in Aguest, 2008.


In charge of Policy and Regulation Division, Environment Monitoring and Scientific Standards Division,Environmental Impact Assessment Division, Solid Waste and Heavy Metal Management Division,Guangdong Environment Monitoring Center,Guangdong Solid Waste and Chemicals Environment Management Center,Guangdong Environmental Technology Center and Guangdong Environment Information Center.